We are an interior architecture and design firm, founded in 1993, with international reach. Our work around the world strives to create unique spaces where beauty, aesthetics and innovation blend seamlessly with sustainable functionality.


Intercon undertakes special bespoke projects of various degrees of complexity and scale, creating ideal living spaces. We have succeeded in offering a highly focused and specialized service to our clients, with utmost respect for sustainability and providing properties that respond to their needs in the most challenging of buildings


Our international and multi-cultural team, has helped us establish ourselves in the ever widening markets that we are present in. Intercon, through strategic partnerships, is currently present in Europe, Middle East and Central Asia.


Reem Mall Working Progress

One of the most exciting things for those of us dedicated to design is to see how projects grow and develop. How we move from paper and computer screen to tangible reality. Today we are particularly pleased to be able to show the progress of the Reem Mall works. Located on Reem…

33rd anniversary Jean-Michel Basquiat

Today, as we commemorate the thirty-third anniversary of the death of the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, we want to recover the Nobook Restaurant Project. Nobook was a restaurant inspired by culinary avant-garde and street food and the different cuisines of the world. The look of the restaurant was largely influenced by the graphic…

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