The LOOP Design Awards

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The LOOP Design Awards is debuting the first edition of its prize in 2020 and aims to become one of the most prestigious and recognized awards in the Architecture and InteriorDesign industry. It is open to entries from all over the world from May to August 2020 with 30 Prize Categories ranging from the smaller scale of installation or temporary project to a bigger scale Museum or High-rise Housing.

Mohammed Adib will be part of the panel of jurors composed of top Architects, Interior Designers, Professors, Editors, and Researchers. They will evaluate architecture and interior design entries based on their diverse qualities, such as Form, Function, and Impact, but also taking into consideration many other aspects such as space, light, harmony, creativity, environment, beauty, among others.

Carrer de la Riba, 36. 08950 Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona. Spain

+34 933 427 427