Home automation: efficiency and well-being

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At Intercon we are committed to the highest quality standards that go beyond luxury finishes or avant-garde furniture since with the application of home automation we will acquire total control in the management of air conditioning, lighting (whether natural or electric), security and communications (telephony, wi-fi, Ethernet, etc.)

The goal of these technologies is to promote personal autonomy. The recipients of these technologies are all people, regardless of their condition of disease, disability or aging. Home automation applied to favor accessibility is an ethical and creative challenge, but above all it is the application of technology in the most necessary field, to meet the functional limitations of people, including the disabled or the elderly

We illustrate this article with an image of one of the control panels that we are implementing for each residential unit. This control panel allows us, among many other things, to manage the radiant heating that we are installing in the same project.

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