Mediterranean Landscape

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Today we want to do something a little different, on the blog and in our networks we often share interior images, but today we want to mention a landscaping project that we are preparing for a residential estate right at the foot of the Sierra de Collserola, in one of the largest suburban parks in the Mediterranean. It is therefore a question of establishing a dialogue between the natural environment and the estate

To this end, for the landscaped areas of the estate, we have created different plant areas with different heights, reproducing the characteristic shrubby appearance of the Mediterranean coastal flora.

It must be emphasized that landscaping is a discipline that works with living beings and that this difference between heights will become more evident over the years, since, for example, the growth of the Cycas Revoluta can take up to 100 years.

The plant volumes have different green temperatures, nuanced by the color notes that are provided by the lilous hue of the Lavender and the reddish tones of the Abelia as well as, in the flowering periods, the white of the flowers that make it. Abelia and the Pittosporum.

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