Intercon is an interior design and architecture firm founded in 1993. We work to create unique spaces where beauty, aesthetics and innovation blend seamlessly with sustainable functionality. We undertake special bespoke projects of various degrees of complexity and scale with a common purpose: to create flawless usable spaces. We successfully supply highly focused and specialized services to our clients, with the most respect for sustainability, delivering properties that respond to their needs and those of their clients.


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To design spaces that exceed client requirements, merging aesthetics, innovation and functionality to provide unique experiences where the space speaks for itself and is centered around the user and the context of the international locations where it is.


To be a global benchmark for interior design architecture while maintaining our independence and distinctive style to deliver the most adequate design concepts by dialoguing and understanding our clients’ views.

Managing Director
Mohammed Adib
Projects Director
Jeanine Lima
Project Director
Kaina Celedon
Cluster Managers
Andrés Espinosa
Antje Borgstede
Floriana La Mola
Tania Carmona
Production Manager
Jose Vázquez
BIM Manager / Team Leader
Nataliya Tokmacheva
BIM Manager
Carlos Mallo
Design Manager
Virginia Verdaguer
Senior Architects
Anna Riba
Mónica Ramirez
William Palencia
Interior Architects
Renata Bein
Sabrina Kenssous
Agostina Cuello
Cristina Massuet
BIM Architect
Constanza Araujo
Nuria Vandekerkhof
Alexandra Guillen
Legal Architects
Jordi Solé
Màrius Carceller
María José Alcain
Victor Romero
3D Designer
Dennis Alba
Graphic Design
Roger Ametller
Cristina Ventura
Cristina Ventura