Best wishes for a relaxing and safe summer.

Best wishes for a relaxing and safe summer. Please be informed that our office will remain closed for summer break from 10th to 16th August.

Flamboyant Shelter

We have been shortlisted! Intercon has participated in the international architecture competition that had as its object the Abu Dhabi Flamingo Visitor Center We see a flamboyance of flamingos huddled together in the distance. As we approach them, they get bigger and bigger eventually converting into a building offering shelter to the…

AM Residences Virtual Tour

In this post you can visit every corner of every apartment at AM Residences. More information at: +34 620 933 141 Fifth floor, Apartment 1 Fifth floor, Apartment 2 Fourth floor, Apartment 1 Fourth floor, Apartment 2 Third floor, Apartment 1 Third floor, Apartment 2 Third floor, Apartment 3 Second floor,…


The next September 29 and October 1 takes place at Barcelona Rebuild 2020. This year Intercon will be present with the participation of Mohammed Adib. In the Rebuild 2020 edition, topics of burning relevance such as new construction materials, technological innovations will be discussed. Also energy efficiency as a source of sustainability…

Vung Tau Six Star Hotel Competition

Today we recover the project with which we competed just a year ago with Dewan Architects. The experience of a 6-star Hotel must be the result of a correct integration between interior and exterior. Vung Tau and Vietnam are defined by their landscape and constant contact with the sea. It is intended…

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