The next September 29 and October 1 takes place at Barcelona Rebuild 2020. This year Intercon will be present with the participation of Mohammed Adib. In the Rebuild 2020 edition, topics of burning relevance such as new construction materials, technological innovations will be discussed. Also energy efficiency as a source of sustainability…

Vung Tau Six Star Hotel Competition

Today we recover the project with which we competed just a year ago with Dewan Architects. The experience of a 6-star Hotel must be the result of a correct integration between interior and exterior. Vung Tau and Vietnam are defined by their landscape and constant contact with the sea. It is intended…


The Créateurs Design Awards is a global celebration of extraordinary accomplishments in the creative fields of architecture, interior design, product design, creative journalism and photography. Mohammed Adib, as a member of the CDA, and Intercon as an interior design firm, will be present at the next edition. Voted on exclusively by CDA…

Evolution and transformation of Architecture in a post-crisis society

The third edition of this Lamp’s series of virtual roundtable will be about the consequences of COVID-19 taking into context to how previous healthcare crisis have impacted urban planning in the past (for example Haussmann plan in Paris or Cerdà in Barcelona in the XIX century) and which changes we can expect…

The LOOP Design Awards

The LOOP Design Awards is debuting the first edition of its prize in 2020 and aims to become one of the most prestigious and recognized awards in the Architecture and InteriorDesign industry. It is open to entries from all over the world from May to August 2020 with 30 Prize Categories ranging…

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