Cultural Village Hotel
STATUS: Construction
YEAR: 2016

The concept for this Hotel wants to bring to the modern building the cultural history from the Bastakiya quarters, the old town of Dubai, with its neutral sand colors as a background adding accents hues of its vibrant colors, textures, tastes, smells and vivacity. Spices, palms, sand and local patterns were reinterpreted in a contemporary manner where the guests could dive into the local ambience and at the same time find calmness and peace of mind in an elegant, cozy, simple yet luxurious ambience, a home away from home. To emphasize the canal along the building, traditional dhow boats which were used to import merchandise such as the spices from India and Iran have also been an inspiration for this concept. To achieve this idea, Eco friendly and local materials will be used.

The Hotel has  81 rooms, a  Business center, a lounge with a ADD with a Terrace at the ground floor , Public toilets and Prayer Rooms  ARE located at the Basement 1. The top floor has a Terrace with a Swimming Pool and a Gym private for the clients.

The Hotel combines comfortable accommodation with a warm personalized atmosphere for the lounge areas at the ground floor and at the top floor where the gym and a terrace with swimming pool are located. A series of iconic elements and decoration will guide and welcome the user through the spaces in the hotel. It will bring a new standard of comfort and high-end services for discerning local residents and international business travelers.