Diagonal Zero Apartments

LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain
STATUS: Design
YEAR: 2017

Diagonal Zero Apartments is a residential development located in Diagonal Mar, the spot where the city’s longest street meets the Mediterranean Sea. It allocates 89 luxury apartments units spanning several guestrooms distributed within the 26 floors. Given its proximity to the seaside, the concept for the interiors wants to replicate and prolong the beach atmosphere happening just a few meters away. This is achieved by the use of textures and smooth materials like oak wood, sand-color stone and white resin which fill the space with a relaxed openness and flow, with no divisions present in areas like the living room and the kitchen. 

The choice of colors completes the atmosphere. Blue pastel and tonalities of greenish blues in walls and furniture provide a fresh and crisp ambiance, just like the combination of waves and sun manages to awake, changing the light and atmosphere as the day goes by. The apartments feature a luxurious proposal bathed by the Mediterranean charm which celebrates the colors and textures of the sea.