Dream Castle Hotel

LOCATION: Paris, France
STATUS: Finished
YEAR: 2015

Located in Paris, the interior design concept for this hotel aims to create a magical atmosphere reminiscent of its name. The grand and ample space, with high ceilings and a wide floor plan, awakes an immediate impression of finding ourselves in a very special place. Mouldings in the ceilings frame the rooms, which, combined by a modern twist on the classical columns present throughout the common areas provide the feelings of a quirky, interesting castle.

The access doors, framed between stones, also mimic the looks of a castle where adventures could start at any given moment. Other areas like the market restaurant feature golden hues, round platforms in blue and green as well as colorful furniture which strengthens the sensation of constant wonder. The “dream” features are achieved by several elements. The blue palette in the ceilings filled with candle-like pendant lamps resemble the light of the stars when we contemplate the sky at night, creating a sensation of awe.

Hanging cages, lights hiding between nature-like decoration which is also suspended from the ceiling and the hedges which form natural space divisions, highlight the sensation of a magical garden. The furniture also has a supernatural quality. Oversized and ribbon-shaped chairs are a surprising element which contribute to make of the Dream Castle Hotel an unforgettable experience for guests.