Fly Dubai Headquarters

STATUS: Design
YEAR: 2016

The new Fly Dubai headquarters will provide a new 20,000m2 home on Emirates Road and allow the company to incorporate a series of facilities like training and sport grounds, a medical clinic, a selection of restaurants and enough office space to meet the airline’s operational needs. Making use of the latest designs and innovations available in the construction industry, the key factor is to provide a sustainable working environment for all employees, as all teams will be now united under the same roof.

The program includes the interior design of the main entrance, lounge, reception, lift lobbies and corridors, food courts, restaurants, prayer rooms, staff clinic, gym, indoor games, VIP lounge, meeting rooms, offices, government center, employee center, library, training center with classrooms, administration and public toilets. The concept for the design of the headquarters takes inspiration from the country’s natural surroundings and geology; the desert life and the continuous search for the oasis as a way of finding a breathing space from the harshness of the environment. This metaphor is reinterpreted through the beauty of the dunes by replicating the natural colors of sand and pastel blue tones. These choice of palettes, together with the use of locally-found greenery, create surprising zones which replicate the joyfulness of finding the longing oasis.