Gran Hotel Millenium Madinah

STATUS: Design
YEAR: 2015

Following the operator’s philosophy of lavishing guests with a five-star stay and service, the Hotel Grand Millennium Madinah portrays this luxurious experience combined with the fact that the city of Madinah is a major pilgrimage site, as the second holiest place in Islam. Thus, a welcoming reception is highlighted together with the reinterpretation of local attributes through the design and materials.

The lobby exemplifies both concepts. The use of gold and golden hues sets the tone, and it’s hard not to admire the impressive lattice work behind the reception desks or the grandeur of the staircase. Other common spaces like the restaurant employ features like a glass curtain tinted in red tones, a perfect envelope for the food buffet, as well as the wood lattices which divide yet provide openness for dinners to not feel enclosed in the space. Side windows and a skylight supply with enough light without interfering with the atmosphere.

The rooms take the concept of luxury even further to dispense a wonderful rest, both in the Standard and Presidential bedrooms. Arab-inspired carpets and wallpapers, golden and Bordeaux hues and a dim lighting guarantee the highest of comforts for guests who visit the city’s magnificent heritage or for business purposes.