Hilton Garden Inn
LOCATION:Hilton Garden Inn
STATUS: Design
YEAR: 2019

The main lobby engages the lines and shadows that is projected by the interior elements such as wood battens. The projection of the shadows creates an unique experience for the users of the space. The style has a modern twist that combines natural materials and colours inspired by natural stones. The furniture is fully upholstered with different pastel colors. The general ambiance evokes the feeling of home and comfort.

In the guestrooms accent wall of the room is in the upholstered headboard which has a bright colour fabric and diagonal lines as the project inspirational theme. The base of the bed is wood. However the general hues of the room are neutral colours to maintain a calm ambiance. The room is ornamented by mirrors and artwork distributed among the walls of the room. The bathroom has a wavy wall cladding imitating the water ripples.

The suite is more elegant but warm and welcoming. The bedroom has a leather vinyl finish. The closets are with glass doors. The furniture has pastel colours to add bloom to the environment. Artwork and wooden pendant lamps decorates the space in the dining and living areas.