Hola La Mer

STATUS: Finished
YEAR: 2016

Hola, meaning Hello in Spanish, is located in the beachfront of the coastline of Dubai. It embodies the concept of “Latin America meets the United Arab Emirates.” Inspired by the owners’ travels around South America and their passion for the gastronomy of that region, the design translates this idea into a colorful, spicy, bright, joyful and fun beach café. The beach area is enhanced with boardwalks, freestanding retail shops, food & beverage tenancies and the surrounding landscape.

The menu, composed by exotic, fresh fruit-based treats, is equally matched by the vibrant design. All the elements are designed with a bespoke attention to detail. From the designs of the colorful, patterned ceramic tiles to the weaved-like lights. The reclaimed timber wood used in the floor and the ceiling connects the restaurant with the seafront, and the steelwork and big glass doors and window frames the place to mimic the style of the cafes and bars found in the Spanish coastline, which also symbolizes an open invitation to come in and enjoy a holiday-like atmosphere.