Mayta DIFC

STATUS: Finished
YEAR: 2015

Mayta is a Peruvian restaurant which reinvents traditional recipes from the South American country by applying modern techniques. This transgressive approach is replicated in the concept developed for the interiorism, with different areas which have been designed to fulfill all the experiences offered in the eatery which is also a bar. The Peruvian flair is achieved with the patterned tiles which replicate traditional motifs in an array of colors and with a contemporary touch, as well as with other decorative elements reminiscent of the country.

The space is divided in several areas, each with a unique atmosphere which reinterprets the Peruvian culture in a design language which modernizes folkloric references: the bar, with the signature ceramic tiles; a ceviche bar, with comfortable armchairs and tables to enhance intimate conversations while enjoying one of Mayta’s specialities and Peru’s most popular dish; a lunch area with different-sized wooden tables to cater for both small and big groups in a dim lighting; and the central kitchen where all the action takes place.