Medina Hilton Double Tree

STATUS: Design
YEAR: 2019

Based on a concept inspired by the local textures of flora and geology, interior design is developed with mimicry and delicacy through natural finishes such as wallnut wood, limestone flooring or black marble. The calm and serenity of these materials contrasts with an oxidized chromatism that is applied to fabrics and accessories.

The Reception lobby will welcome the guests into a bright and soothing space, bringing the serenity of the the desert, into this space. The focal point of the space is the sculptural staircase appearing like a monolithic block and a featured lighting in Arabic calligraphy saying Ahlan Wa Sahlan (welcome). A decorative 3d mashrabiyah takes place behind the reception desk imitating the mashrabiyah located on the exterior facade. The pastel colors contribute to the serenity of the space.

The restaurant is to have an Arabian colonial atmosphere, with some accents related to the local identity, wallpapers with palm trees and arched framed tinted mirrors on some walls. The meeting room area has got a vibrant yet business-oriented color scheme with deep oranges tones, blue accents, and wooden panels. The guestroom has a soft fabric headboard with wallpaper above it. The soft and warm earthen hues in the room create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.