Oil Brokerage Offices
STATUS: Completed
YEAR: 2021

The open office space feels bright, fresh and young, with an industrial feel, in a neutral monochromatic color scheme with the accent of some red accessories. Smooth concrete textures on some parts of the floor and walls combine with white furniture. Workstations are height adjustable to suit working needs, and hanging plants make the working environment much more soothing and calmer, connected to Nature.

The main entrance lounge features a vinyl covering with an illustration of an oil tanker engineering drawing on a glass partition, giving a brand identity detail to the space. Red upholstered seating with a black barrel coffee table, extendable side tables and poufs invite for informal workspaces, along with a magnetic whiteboard which gives the option to hang documents or write notes. Another corner features an upholstered bench niche within a red container, perfect for one’ s focus and concentration. Other spill-out lounge corners within the open office area cater to the employees for informal workspaces.

The dining space consists of a long wooden communal table with black metal legs, with a floor-painted Sadu-inspired pattern in red, black and white, that visually serves as a rug to frame the dining table. The space is open onto the pantry area resembling a red container, and another corner acts as a relaxing lounge with armchairs and the option of a whiteboard for informal meetings or brainstorming.