Park Inn Hotel Dammam

LOCATION: Dammam, Saudi Arabia
STATUS: Design
YEAR: 2017

Based on the Park Inn design code which focuses in delivering a modern look and a flexible and friendly atmosphere, the hotel caters a warm and casual service orientated towards both young and business travellers and tourists. The interior design follows the brand’s style yet strongly highlights one key element which is common to all spaces: the color. The program includes all FoH areas: lobby, public toilets, ADD, ballroom, bridal suite, fitness and swimming pool facilities, kids club, prayer and meeting Rooms 102 guest rooms units and 99 apartments units. The design proposal is based around two combinations: rich and vibrant spaces which accentuate colorful elements by creating a visual contrast between neutral and vivid tones, and the blend of a few colors embodied in native textures and hues found in walls, decorative objects and furniture. This concept merges with the use of organic shapes and natural references employed in artworks and patterns as well as the use of greenery throughout the spaces to deliver a lush environment to create a unic ambient. The result is a relaxed, fresh and welcoming atmosphere for all guests and users of the hotel facilities.