Pau Claris 87 Apartments

LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain
STATUS: Finished
YEAR: 2014

Refurbishment of an office space of 400 square meters into four apartments of 80 and 100 square meters, located in Pau Claris street in the center of Barcelona. The traditional architecture and interiors amalgamate the ideas which made Catalan architects and designers renowned, and this project wants to pay homage to them and also to update and reinterpret that interior design language to our current times.

A clear example of this is the recovery of hydraulic tiles across the flooring, the original geometric mouldings in the ceilings, and using the Modernist box-shaped structure in the doors, which adds a very distinct personality to the spaces. Brightness is maximized by the extensive use of white in walls hues and kitchen fittings and by integrating living and cooking areas in one unique space, making the most of the living areas. The furniture mixes Catalan and Scandinavian styles to create a contemporary lifestyle in one of the most cultural neighbourhoods of the Catalan capital.