Performing Arts Academy
LOCATION: Kingdom of Saudi Aarabia
STATUS: Concept

It is quite obvious that the peculiar nature of the double curve and the multi-linear large span roof demand a spatial steel truss. This solution is not only lightweight, but also allows to achieve the required stiffness, and can be partially manufactured in the factory and assembled on site. The aforementioned ease of construction reduces the overall duration of the construction process and enhances the flexibility in easy coordination for integrated MEP services.

The structural system for the R.S.M.A. consists of a combination of conventional in-situ reinforced concrete and a prefabricated modular system manufactured under controlled conditions in the factory and assembled on-site; this facilitates faster and more efficient construction.

The basement and ground floor structure consists of cast-in-situ concrete supported on rc columns spanning at a 9x9m grid rotated at 45 degrees. The elevator shaft and stairwells are used for rc shear walls that provide lateral stability to the overall structure.

The superstructure consists of prefabricated structures that include hollow core slabs that span larger distances to maximize classroom space. The hollow cores are supported on delta beams.