Port De La Mer Development 1

STATUS: Design
YEAR: 2018

The interior design of the residential complex takes its inspiration from the ocean. Modest and clear ambient is enriched with blue hues and shiny materials which is a representation of the sea with all its colour tones and glimpses.

The corridors comprise of wooden panelled doors against light neutral walls. One wall side will be painted in an accent color and illuminated with a cove light detail. The Lift lobby area is marked with a natural oak wood panelling that spreads into a small portion of floor. Black metal framed lifts give a modern and elegant touch to the space.

The Public toilets follow the same design line as the changing rooms: bright neutral walls against black cubicles, natural oak wood countertops, and 3D wall tiles in an accent color. A concrete wall texture surrounds the gym for a raw industrial yet clean look, with a dark green painted open ceiling.