Rove Hotel KAEC

LOCATION: King Abdullah Economic City, KSA
STATUS: Finished
YEAR: 2018

This is the first Rove outlet outside the United Arab Emirates, located in the Bay La Sun waterfront district of King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) in KSA. The hotel imports into the country the brand’s relaxed and casual atmosphere and contemporary midscale hospitality, all expressed through the interior design. An international flair dominates the interiorism, where bright colors make a mark in walls and furniture and natural light filters through the high windows.

Young, fresh, trendy and tech-savvy travellers will find themselves at ease, and able to enjoy the wide, industrial-like areas where patterned carpets recall its location in one of the fastest growing business and leisure hubs in the country. The lounge, lobby, dining area and meeting rooms have a strong graphic presence and plenty of seating options, which create the perfect backdrop for clients to engage in casual interactions, relax or catch up with work in a homely atmosphere before heading to their bedrooms for a comfortable night sleep.