Rove Hotel Mauritania

LOCATION: Nouakchott, Mauritania
STATUS: Design
YEAR: 2019

ROVE Hotels is a global lifestyle brand that brings smart, fuss-free hospitality to the new generation of the modern traveler and nomad who believes in exploring without borders. The design is defined like modern, cosmopolitan, cultural and contemporary. Rove Mauritania is intended to be a friendly hotel with a relaxed urban atmosphere blending with an interesting cultural and local art scene.

The interior Design takes a contemporary approach with minimal lines, using materials that are glimpses to the Nouakchott port activity and local cultural accents, merging the old heritage with the newer industrial and modern era.

The main lobby is conceived like a cosmopolitan and modern space highlighted by a double-storey height and organized by modular elements. The whole space is designed with simple lines and natural colours, with some local element references that give the Hotel an identity and make the difference between this hotel and others from the same brand.

The bedroom feels like a bright quiet space, with some splashes of strong graphic elements that give to the room a design statement and a local identity. The restaurant is one of the social meeting spaces. It is about an open space, the use of natural colours and materials, an elegant yet casual and modern atmosphere. The space is connected to the exterior through the outdoor terrace. .