Sahara Mall Development West Extension
STATUS: Finished
YEAR: 2014

This expansion project will be seamlessly linked to the currently existing Sahara City Shopping Mall, making way for a wide range of high-end retail spaces, which will attract a more diverse and international mix of shoppers. Located in the heart of Sharjah, is conceived to be able to be a focal point to shop, meet and relax for the whole district. The interior design is inspired by the beauty, colors and textures of the Sahara, referring to its name, colors and textures applied in a way that the new spaces are understood as a continuity of the existing Sahara Mall, which was a design challenge required from the beginning.


The Transition zone is the link between the existing building and the New West Extension of the Mall. This bridge will welcome and guide you to the new West Side of the Mall in a natural way; it will have the same spirit as the existing Mall. A warm and dynamic atmosphere in which the people will feel comfortable and identified in the Sahara Mall. The tents from the desert are proposed in the Fine Dining area, to give a cozy space within the general atmosphere by combining warm textures, palm shapes and a touch of bright colors with the natural light coming from the roof skylight which covers this area and to identify the sitting areas of the Fine Dining area. Dark piers with colored light are used to frame each unit and to give a rhythm in the path to the New West aisle. Dynamic corridors to guide you through the space until the Main Atrium of the new part of the Mall. The Main Atrium is the hearth of the extension area, naturally illuminated with a central skylight, is a dynamic and vibrant space where the people will gather and feel confortable within the immersive feeling in the retail experience.