Sahara Mall West Expansion VO Clinics

STATUS: Design
YEAR: 2019

The Clinic is located in the Sahara Mall as part of the West zone. The concept for the Clinic follows the proposed theme applied for the mall but focused on those special spaces, the Oasis, we find in the desert. The design is inspired in the spirit of the oasis, colours, textures, shadows, light, to create a relaxed and warm atmosphere to welcome the customer. Palm trees leafs give us the patterns for the walls, clean lines emphasising the volumes, lines of light to emphasize the volumes to create a contemporary space. Combination of the textures inspired in the sand of the desert, patterns of the palm trees with the reflexion of the calmed water we can find in those spaces.

Lobby reception is paneled with wooden sheets that continues up to the ceiling to form a box. The floor is adorned with an special pattern grey marble tiles and green granite tiles resembling reflection of palm leaves. The walls are emphasized with tinted green mirror adding to the contrast of the space. The lift lobby on the other hand is differentiated with wood veneer paneling. The space is intended to create an ambience of an oasis in colors and reflections.

Public Areas are designed to provide a calmed and warm atmosphere to welcome the customer by using a combination of continuous surfaces, clean lines for the walls and flooring, soft and warm colors and ambient light. Ceramic tiles flooring terrazzo effect to remain the sand effect is proposed, nude color for walls tiles /fixed furniture, special walls to be emphasized are proposed in texturized wood or accent colors. The corridors have niches configuring waiting areas with benches, The entrances and the niches are highlighted with light, different colors, ceramic tile textures, doors with accent details and the ceiling in green color to give to the entrances more importance, creating, at the same time, different rhythms inside the corridors and breaking the space to create a shorten effect.