Palatial Villa
STATUS: Completed
YEAR: 2017

A contemporary take on the classic Arab palace yet retaining the wonderful and magical local features which highlight the splendour of the spaces. A combination of curve and straight lines provide rhythm to a residence which is also employed for meetings, relaxation and to host guests. Water features ever so present in the local culture play a predominant role in the swimming pool and spa zone, which is decorated with patterned lattices, ceramic tiles and ceiling-to-floor mirrors which amplify the space even further.

High quality marble employed throughout the floor creates a mesmerising pattern and hue complemented by gold, crafted textiles like rugs and curtains, decorative lattices and sculptural lights which give a distinct personality to each of the rooms of the palace. More functional rooms like the bathroom also follow this decorative language to celebrate the richness of materials and design language of the local culture.

Spaciousness is the common denominator of the bedrooms, which also enjoy from comfortable seating areas to create small living rooms within the space. Arabic windows allowing the access of sunlight play a double role protecting the indoors during the hot summers. The private spaces have a relaxing ambiance in contrast with the lavish living rooms and other areas of the property.