Horizon St Georges Hill

LOCATION: London, Uk
STATUS: Finished
YEAR: 2016

Development of high-end residences in a prime location where a luxurious, elegant lifestyle is achieved by employing two main design strategies: the use of state-of-the-art materials and finishing’s. The presence of dark wood in spaces like the kitchen and cloakroom creates at atmospheric mood which contrasts with the use of polished white stone on the floors. These areas are also cleverly lit with hidden modular lights which reveal all the beauty of the surfaces and textures.

The water elements play a strong role in the interior design. The bathroom area takes a different approach compared to the spaces described above, mainly in the color palette, with hues of grey generating a clean, bold aesthetic which is like an invitation to slow down and enjoy a break. The looks of this residence stand out for the uniqueness of its proposal, and for representing a well-understood luxury and wellbeing in a setting where materials play a big part as well as the use of shadows and lights to increase the sensation of intimacy.