Zaharan Apartments

STATUS: Finished
YEAR: 2016

The elements of the facade, inspired by Mondrian’s art, are reinterpreted in the interior design and are the main theme followed throughout the interior design. An edginess in the space is achieved by the use of square and rectangular frames of different sizes and vibrant primary colors which recall the Dutch artist’s palette. This is a recurrent theme in all common spaces, all of which have a Modernist, timeless feel expressed with maximum elegance. 

A playful use of volumes, especially in the reception area, is achieved with stone columns and the vertical and horizontal lines of the furniture and decorative elements, which awake curiosity in residents and visitors. A contemporary and warm feeling is achieved by the use of high-quality materials, an interesting juxtaposition of lights and shadows and subtle ornaments and clean lines. For the living spaces, this concept carries on but with a different color palette consisting of whites, greys and browns which generate a graceful contrast to upgrade the space into a stylish and tasteful environment.